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Message from the CEO
Since the dawn of broadband, we have been engaged in the Internet business as our business, but we established Atonoy Co., Ltd. to promote change in the next 20 years as an era in which individuals who have acquired new literacy can play an active role. We will continue to regain the sovereignty of information to individuals by creating new services through the combination of technologies, and create an environment where individuals can play more active roles, and a society and economy where they can live their lives happily. We will continue to push forward with every business.


Management Philosophy
A new way of life and work that did not exist until now by assigning all kinds of information to individuals, such as who bought what, what kind of intention and enthusiasm they are participating in the token economy, and further visualizing it. , Creates values.


About us
Company name
ATONOY Co., Ltd.
CEO Eisuke Kawamoto
1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Toranomon Hills Business Tower 14th floor
Business content
  • Blockchain Token Economy Consulting
  • Blockchain smart contract development