Blockchain SDK Library

Making Solana Development Accessible to All Engineers.
Solana" has overwhelming processing speed and low cost compared to many blockchains. SolanaSuite is an SDK library for more efficient development with Solana.

Easy to use all in package

Create wallet, Transfer SOL/SPL-TOKEN, Mint SPL-TOKEN/NFT, Upload
storage(, Connect phantom wallet,,,,
  • @solana/web3.js

  • @solana/spl-token

  • metaplex api



  • Phantom wallet

Both Node.js and Broser does one code

No need to change source code in Node.js and Borwser js. There is no need to be aware of
the environment in which the calling program will run.It is useful for building most Solana
blockchain services because it provides a variety of functions as a single library, including
//// Example Mint SPL-TOKEN ////
const inst = await
  {Owner PublicKey},
  [{Owner Keypair}],
await inst.submit();

Response handling using Result type

It does not suddenly stop programs using solana-suite by throwing an Exception when
an error occurs. Traditional try-catch is not necessary.
const response: Result<string, Error>
//// response case: If/ElseIf condition ////
  if (response.isOk) {
   console.log('# success: ', response.value);
  } else if (response.isErr) {
   console.log('# error: ', response.error);
//// response case: Match condition ////
    (value: string) => console.log('# success: ', value),
    (error: Error) => console.error('# error: ', error)

Various search options

Limit/Order, Source/Destination filter, Search address(include token account), Action
filter(action type: Transfer, Mint, CreateAccount,,,,,)
//// Limit/Order ////
  Transaction.getHistory( {PublicKey}, {limit} );
//// Source/Destination Filter ////
  Transaction.getHistory( {PublicKey}, {
    directionFilter: Transaction.DirectionFilter.Dest, or Transaction.Direct
//// Action Filter ////
  Transaction.getHistory( {PublicKey}, {
      actionFilter: [
        Transaction.Filter.MintTo, or Transaction.Filter.Transfer,,,,, more
] }

Multiple transaction support

Multiple instructions can be grouped together and executed as a single transaction.
This makes it easy to implement batch processing. Also, by combining them into a
single transaction, unnecessary access to the RPC server can be avoided.
//// Multiple transaction ////
const instruction1 =  // Action of some kind
const instruction2 =  // Action of some kind
const instruction3 =  // Action of some kind
await [instruction1, instruction2, instruction3].submit();

SOL/SPL-TOKEN multisig support

We support multisig as much as possible, transfer, mint SPL-TOKEN, making memos
//// Create Multisig ////
  await Multisig.create(
    {Number Of Signers},
    {Owner Keypair},
    [{Signer1 PublicKey}, {Signer1 PublicKey}]