Leveraging tokens
Bringing a new breath to your business

Token Economy

From the examination of the feasibility of the token economy to the financing of IEO, we will provide total support as a sustainable business.
We aim to be a mutually complementary token economy that is fully linked to our business as a business.

SOLUTIONSolution content

  • Feasibility study FEASIBILITY STUDY

    We will consider the feasibility of a token economy that utilizes blockchain for our business. When considering, we promise the best output by receiving high-quality input, centering on hearing the vision of the business.

  • White pape WHITE PAPER

    We will produce the white paper after we can agree with each other that it is highly feasible. The white paper is broadly divided into the business part, the token economy part, the technical part, and others. At Atnoi, I am mainly in charge of the token economy part and the technical part.

  • Token equity support TOKEN EQUITY SUPPORT

    We will help you raise funds for a private sale before listing with the issued tokens. We have a track record of successfully raising billions of yen.
    * We do not support startup seed stages.

  • ブロックチェーン開発:SolanaSuite OSS BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPMENT

    At the moment, we are using Solana Blockchain as the best method. We will develop an ecosystem that utilizes smart contracts and Solana Suite, an open source library developed by our company.

  • Ecosystem development
    (partner company)

    We will work with our partner companies to develop a token economy ecosystem. We provide all the functions necessary for the ecosystem such as original token issuance, NFT issuance, wallet system, NFT marketplace, quest system, token graph system, etc.

  • IEO consulting IEO CONSULTING

    We will consult for listing on crypto asset transactions. We negotiate directly with exchanges and investors to find the optimal solution and achieve the shortest listing.

  • Token Economy Consulting TOKEN ECONOMY CONSULTING

    From the know-how involved in feasibility studies to the creation of white papers, we will consult and produce a highly sustainable token economy in line with the release of new services that have prompted business roadmaps and ecosystem development.

  • Blockchain consulting BLOCKCHAIN CONSULTING

    We will consult with you on the optimal use of blockchain for the token economy from the perspectives of both a wide range of business experience and advanced technical achievements.

  • Business consulting BUSINESS CONSULTING

    We will carry out business consulting that can make the best use of the token economy as a means. By utilizing tokens, we aim for maximum synergies with our business and realize highly sustainable businesses.




TEAMSolution team

  • Representative Director Eisuke Kawamoto

    Since the dawn of broadband in Japan, he has been engaged in the Internet business. Mainly involved in new businesses such as DMM, Rakuten, CyberAgent, SIer, and startups. He has served as the head of an online salon and blockchain-related division at DMM. He is a blockchain tech company and is a CEO and Token Economy Evangelist of Atnoi Co., Ltd., which "creates a society and economy in which all things and things belong to individuals."

  • Director Tadashi Shimizu


  • Director CTO Akira Takachi

    After working as an IT venture and a listed SI company, he was in charge of application development at Money Forward. After that, while doing R & D work in the CTO room of, he developed blockchain services, developed mining pools, secure wallets, investigated and verified Stellar. After retiring, engaged in DID development at a blockchain venture and as a development manager of NFT services at a crypto asset exchange.


Partner companies
Recruitment of partner companies
We are looking for partner companies in ecosystem development. We are looking for a wide range of companies who are interested in blockchain and who can work with us on ecosystem development so that we can spread many token economies to the world in the future.


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