【Released from troublesome Kneemock Management! 】 Started providing a wallet system development service that can manage and send and receive original tokens (Spl-Token) issued on Solana!
Press Release

Atonoy Co., Ltd. (Minato-Ku, Tokyo, CEO Eisuke Kawamoto, manages the original token (Spl-Token) issued on the Solana Block chain. We have developed a wallet system that can send and receive money.

Business introduction page (

It will be a wallet system that can be used when the main purpose is to incorporate original tokens into existing member services. It will be a system that is different from wallets that manage crypto assets for investment purposes. Therefore, it will be a user-custody wallet that strikes a good balance between security and usability.

Atnoy, which advocates a block chain tech company, aims to “create a society and economy where all things and things belong to individuals” by promoting a token economy. In order to accelerate the realization of this, we will release the wallet system this time and promote the creation of an environment where general companies can easily introduce tokens so that more general people can experience the token economy.

The feature of this system is that it solves the problem of users losing or being unable to withdraw their tokens due to carelessness, which frequently occurs in existing wallets, and by improving the UX of projects and services, the hurdles to the introduction of tokens are solved. play a role in lowering.

Features of the system

・ Improved UX by simplifying the recovery code while maintaining security

・ User custody allows users to independently manage private keys

・ Token transaction fee 0.000005 SOL (0.06 in Japanese Yen) Usability is high because the service side can bear the low cost of the yen rate: the rate of February 7, 2022.

・The token transfer speed is less than 1 second.

<Optional services>

・Original token (Spl-Token) easy issuance service on Solana Block chain is also provided at the same

NFT easy issuance service on Solana Block chain is also planned (around spring 2022)

・Plan to support NFT (around spring 2022)

Introduction example

[Member registration]

・Register login ID email address and password, 6-digit PIN code

* Email address receives one-time authentication code when remittance from wallet.

*The 6-digit PIN code is used as the code for restoring the wallet. Do not store in member database.

・A secret key and wallet address are generated

[Wallet access]

View the wallet address information linked to the secret key generated when you registered as a

can check the wallet address balance and transaction history

*Log in to the membership service It is assumed that the wallet address is stored in the member DB.

[Remittance of original token (spl-token)]

(1) Wallet address to which money will be sent

Enter the amount to be transferred

(3) Receive an authentication code from the email address you registered when you registered as a member, and enter the received authentication code.

(4) Re-enter your login password.

(5) The private key will be authenticated and the money transfer will be completed.

*Receiving an authentication code with your e-mail address provides a two-step authentication to verify your identity in addition to logging in.

*Re-entry of the password prevents impersonation while logged in.

*Decrypt private keys that are encrypted and stored on the user’s local machine.


[Wallet recovery]

Enter the email address, authentication code, password, and PIN code.

Private key is regenerated and recovery is completed.

*Generate a private key using the ID on the server by *login and a PIN code known only to the user as a seed.



A block chain platform launched in March 2020

Token name: SOL

virtual currency market capitalization ranking 7th (as of February 7, 2022)

Compared to other block chains, it is characterized by significantly superior transaction processing speed and transaction costs.

About BSMO Co., Ltd. Utilizing

SNS marketing and digital advertising, we are developing a wide range of businesses from contact lenses to automobiles in more than 20 countries around the world, from Asia to Africa.

Through the fusion of the real and the digital, we aim to make the world brighter and grow ahead of the times.

Company name: BSMO Co., Ltd.

Representative Director: Tadashi Shimizu

, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-Ku, Tokyo

Toranomon Hills Business Tower

Business description: Block chain planning and development business, wallet marketing business, D2C marketing business, using SNS Global growth hack business, branding business, media business, system development business, artificial intelligence (AI) development business, etc.


Atonoy Co., Ltd.

In order to promote change as an era where is active, we are developing block chain token economy consulting and block chain smart contract development business.

By creating a society in which all things and things belong to individuals and building an environment where people can understand each other without misunderstanding, we will create a shared sense of values and advance to a new stage where we can truly become individuals.


Company name: Atonoy Co.

Location: Toranomon Hills Business Tower 14th floor, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-Ku, Tokyo

Representative: Eisuke Kawamoto

Business description:

using block chain

Various designs, research and development, operation and consulting

Token economy Expansion and development promotion


Atonoy Co., Ltd.’s past achievements

and token economy

Supporting RED TOKEN ECONOMY for Tokyo e-sports gate /p/000000003.000088101.html

by NFT

Support for introducing Solana to NFTex

・ Token Wallet

Co., Ltd. BSMO (https://bsmo to support the introduction of this wallet system in

Africa Service is scheduled to start in Africa around the spring of 2022

Atonoy Co., Ltd. is looking for human resources



[Project manager]

Building a token economy

Outsourcing management, requirements definition, project management

30s , in their 40s, regardless of gender and educational background. Annual salary is about 6 million yen to 10 million yen.


[Block chain engineer]

Developing open source block chain libraries and supporting the introduction of block chain services to client companies using them.

More than 1 year of Typescript programming experience, interest in block chain, crypto assets, strong interest in open source projects, self-control, self-management skills.

salary of 8 million yen ~

Please read the entire article below and send your motivation to [email protected] /wp_loud_token.pdf /nf2fcfe3886f9/edit


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