Solana Released for more efficient development with SDK Library “Solana Suite” Open
Press Release

Solana Software can realize what you want with the smallest code.


Blockchain Tech Company Atonoy Co., Ltd.

(Minato-Ku, Tokyo, CEO Eisuke Kawamoto,

has overwhelming processing speed and

such as low cost has features which for more efficient development

with “Solana”,“Solana Suite”(

Released as open source software.

Background of development

Block chain technology is being developed in a wide range of industries and fields, including the financial industry, and the demand for engineers is increasing day by day. There is no doubt that development using block chain will accelerate further in the future.

On the other hand, there are still few engineers who have knowledge of block chain and can develop it.

In order to eliminate such a gap and make development on the block chain platform“Solana”,which for developers“Solana Suite”open-sourced the I came to

Solana Suite Features



  1. All-SDK Package

The functionality required for block chain services and Dapps development is modularized and combined into a single SDK. Developers will be able to achieve what they want to do with less code, leading to reduced development costs.


  • Creating a wallet
  • SOL/ tokens
  • NFT/ Token Mint
  • Uploading contents and meta data to distributed file system
  • Phantom wallet Linking


Node.js and Browser Compatible

Solana Suite itself is implemented in Typescript and transpiles to both Node.js (cjs) and Browser (mjs) environments. The same code can be used in both server and client environments.


3.Result Type

The response type of all functions is the Result<T, E> type introduced in functional languages. Since no Exception is thrown even in the event of an error, unintended processing interruptions (global escape) will not occur in services that implement Solana Suite. Users can implement the expected implementation with appropriate response handling.


4.Various search options Search

It is possible to search by wallet address, token address, filter by source address and destination address, and use various search functions by transaction type such as transfer, mint, create, and so on.


5.Batch Processing

By combining multiple transactions and executing them as a single transaction, transaction fees can be reduced. It also reduces the number of requests to the RPC server, making it easier to avoid Rate Limit errors.


6./ Supports

Supports processes that require multisig, such as SOL / token transfers, MInt, memo creation, etc. Multisig can be achieved with almost the same code for both SOL / tokens.


Future development

Atonoy has so far launched services such as the WALLET system development service (, which allows users to send and receive original tokens, and the Token Economy Solution (https:///tokeneconomy/), which realizes the token economy from idea-level brainstorming. With the release of Solana Suite, we aim to accelerate the development of blockchain-related services, and to realize web 3.0 and an autonomous decentralized society through collaboration with existing services.


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