We have started supporting the realization of the “RED° Token Economy Project” that Tokyo e-sports gate is aiming for!
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Atonoy Co., Ltd. (Minato-Ku, Tokyo, CEO Eisuke Kawamoto, has announced that Tokyo esports gate Co., Ltd. (Minato-Ku, Tokyo, President Yasuo Hara,(https:/ / has started supporting the realization of the recently announced “RED° Token Economy Project” using block chain.

Atonoy Co., Ltd. brings together all the block chain-related technologies and know-how that it has, and utilizes the block chain that is fully linked with the e sports park “RED゜TOKYO TOWER”, which is directly below Tokyo Tower. We support the Token Economy Project. Atonoy’s corporate mission of “creating a society and economy in which all things and things belong to individuals” can be expected to create high-quality use cases by embodying this project.

Record and collect the “heat of play” actions of all stakeholders active in the RED° token economy through block chain. We will provide fair rewards according to the amount of passion and contribution attributed to individuals. Utilize RED tokens to enjoy special experiences that can only be found there, promote exchanges between users using token graphs, and build new economic zones that have never existed before.

  • An example of technology and know-how poured into the RED゜ token economy

・Block chain

A mechanism that can guarantee the authenticity of recorded data. It is difficult to falsify, and the integrity of the data can be guaranteed by decentralization. It is now possible to leave personal data with peace of mind.

Token graph

Visualize the connections of all stakeholders in the token economy through the circulation of by enabling people to understand each other without misunderstandings, optimal matching is carried out within the community. A highly satisfying and successful experience is created by designing new and effective services that have never existed before.

About “RED Token Economy Project”


Japan’s largest e sports park “RED゜TOKYO TOWER” (Red Tokyo Tower) is located in the Tokyo Tower Foot Town Building (1F/3F/4F/5F) directly below Tokyo Tower, the icon of TOKYO/JAPAN.( is under development with a grand opening scheduled for April 2022. The “RED° Token Economy Project” will use block chain as a digital platform that is fully linked with the facility, and will be a new e soprts/entertainment economic zone (token economy) with a view to the Metaverse.

About Tokyo e-Sports Gate Co., Ltd.

Tokyo e-Sports Gate (TEG) is based in Tokyo / Japan’s icon Tokyo Tower, and develops a business that synchronizes real and digital in the entertainment area centered on e sports. We aim to lead the expansion of the e sports market.

About Atonoy Co., Ltd.


Established in August 2021 as a subsidiary of BSMO Co., Ltd.

A block chain tech company with the mission of “creating a society and economy where all things and things belong to individuals” and “building an ecosystem that supports a decentralized autonomous society”.


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Company name: Atonoy Co.

Location: Toranomon Hills Business Tower 14th floor, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-Ku, Tokyo

Representative: Eisuke Kawamoto

Business description:

using block chain

Various designs, research and development, operation and consulting

Token economy Expansion and promotion of development

Date of establishment: August 16, 2021

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